PPP working algorithm in Kazakhstan
- Consideration of the possibility of initiation and projects implementation algorithm;
- Analysis and project structuring (legal form, type of PPP contract, business plan, financial modeling, marketing research, risk analysis);
- Formation and application (special project initiation form).
- Project support at the stage of examination, approval of a business plan;
- Participation in negotiations, agreement conditions support.
Signing a PPP agreement and
attracting financing
Coordination and examination of the project with public commission
- PPP contract preparation (draft);
- Coordination of the terms and conditions of the involved parties;
- Registration of the contract with the public treasury;
Ways of PPP project realization:
Negotiations and conclusion of the contract
- Request for expression of interest (publication in the media);
- Development of an investment proposal, including an information sheet;
- Obtaining a conclusion on the need of project implementation.
- Development of an information sheet, including technical specifications;
- Development of tender documentation, including of PPP contract draft;
- Carrying out activities to search and attract potential investors.
- Services for the selection of a private partner, independent evaluation of competitive applications;
- Consulting during negotiation process of the Commission with the private parties;
- Attracting financing, participation in negotiations with creditors / investors;
- Conditions and conclusion of a PPP contract.

.PPP is a mutually beneficial cooperation of public authorities and entrepreneurs in industries traditionally related to the areas of state responsibility on the basis of a balanced distribution of risks, benefits and costs, rights and obligations defined by the relevant agreements.
housing and communal services, education, healthсare, sport, transport and other objects of infrastructure
.PPP works in sectors below:
Support of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. Development of business plans and tender documentation
Support of investment projects in order to obtain a land plot, investment and / or tax preferences
Cooperation with local executive bodies in the formation and implementation of projects
Cooperation to open a regional office
Search for regional partnership
Our services
For private
- Providing recommendations and advice on the implementation of the PPP project;
- PPP project initiation (business plan and financial economic model development, filing applications for participation in Direct Negotiation Procedure);
- Partial and full support of the project until the signing of the PPP contract;
- Development of a draft PPP contract;
- Coordination of documentation on PPP with local executive bodies;
- Support during Direct Negotiation Procedure and meetings with public authorities;
- Elimination of the issues from economic and industry expertise, coordination and adjusting of the business plan and the financial economic model of the project accordingly.
- Development of an investment proposal;
- Development of tender documentation for PPP projects;
- Development of a draft PPP contract;
- Development of a public investment project with the following transition to PPP;
- Implementation of preliminary analytical calculations of the proposed PPP project;
- Consulting on PPP issues of local executive bodies;
- Organization of training courses and seminars on PPP for employees of local executive bodies;
- Services for financial modeling of PPP projects.

For local
executive bodies

Housing and Public Utilities:

1) Street lighting modernization in Almaty (81,000 light points);
2) Introduction of steam turbine facilities at the boiler of combined heat and power plant (CHPP) in Almaty;
3) Modernization of the Shakhtinskaya CHPP by implementinf of coking cole bricks production in Karaganda region;
4) Export, processing, disposal of decommissioned office equipment and furniture of state legal entities in Karaganda region;
5) Landscaping and outdoor improvement of the Oktyabrsky district of Karaganda;
6) Landscaping and outdoor improvement of the district named after Kazybek Bi of Karaganda;
7) Landscaping and outdoor improvement of Zhezkazgan city;

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1) Catering services in schools of Karaganda;
2) Catering services in schools of Temirtau;
3) Property management of physical education and sports areas in Almaty schools;
4) Maintenance of internal engineering networks of educational facilities in Karaganda with the introduction of energy-saving measures;
5) Modernization, installation and maintenance of the complex security system equipment in educational institutions of Almaty;
6) Installment and maintenance of the furniture to educational institutions in Karaganda;
7) Installment and maintenance of the furniture to educational institutions in Temirtau;

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1) Catering services in hospitals of Karaganda;
2) Center for medical, social, rehabilitation and prosthetic and orthopedic services in the Karaganda region;
3) Construction and operation of a rehabilitation center in Almaty;
4) Construction and operation of 3 ambulance stations in Almaty;
5) Construction and operation of a city clinic for 200 visits per shift in Almaty;
6) Construction and operation of the consultative - diagnostic pediatric center in Almaty.


1) Transfer to the trust management of the cycle track with the reconstruction and organization of training for cyclists in Almaty;
2) Transfer to trust management the communal state-owned enterprise “SDYUSHOR No.2” (with «Sputnik» physical education complex) in Almaty;
3) Transfer to trust management the state-owned Temirtau ice palace;
4) Replacement of coverage and maintenance of the football field of the “Shakhter” stadium in Karaganda;
5) Construction of a sports school for technical sports in Karaganda;
6) Construction of a football arena in Karaganda with 3000 seats capacity.


1) Dispatch management system for public transport in Almaty;
2) Maintenance of the city road network;
3) Construction and operation of the LRT (light rail transport) line in Almaty;
4) Participation in the implementation of the project Construction of the railway line Shar-Ust-Kamenorgorsk in 2004-2006;
5) Participation in the implementation of the "BAKAD" (Big Almaty Circle Autoban) project in 2004-2006.


1) “Safe city” within the framework of Smart City, video surveillance of the Karaganda city;
2) Services to provide relevant information on the graphic-attributive database of the digital maping of Karaganda (cadastral register and 15 different layers of the city in ARGIS program);
3) Unified coordination center of Karaganda (Contact Center).

Language development:

1) The provision of education services for Kazakh and English languages in Karaganda;
2) Interactive system for online learning of Kazakh language named "Saryarka".

Institutional PPP:

1) Opening and management of a PPP Center in Karaganda region (2018);
2) Modernization of existing production, improving the quality of products by purchasing additional equipment, launching a line for the production of cube-shaped crushed stone in the village of Shiderty, Pavlodar region (2005-2006);
3) Modernization of the production of crushed stone and rubble stone of various fractions, including cubic, using new equipment in the village. Shetpe of the Mangystau region (2005-2006);
4) Construction of a factory for the production of glass containers in the Almaty region in conjunction with Saint-Gobain, France (2007-2008).
The company employees have more than 15 years of experience in implementing public-private partnership and investment projects.
Please find below a portfolio of completed projects and projects at the implementation stage, in the following areas:
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